WATCH: ‘And Now We Say, ‘Heil Hitler”: Teacher Fired for Teaching Kids How to Heil Hitler


A school superintendent says a substitute teacher has been fired after showing elementary school children how to make the Nazi salute to Adolf Hitler.

(WCAX) A Vermont substitute school teacher has been fired after being accused of showing children how to salute Hitler. It apparently happened Thursday at Georgia Elementary School.

Credit: WCAX
School Superintendent Ned Kirsch called the incident disturbing and said the school took immediate action.

In an email sent to parents, Kirsch says the children were seen “standing with their arm out in front of them and the teacher was modeling the position. She then raised her arm slightly and said ‘and now we say Heil Hitler.'” Kirsch said in the email the teacher admitted doing this.

Kirsch was asked if he knew what her intent was, he said he couldn’t answer that. In the email, he did say a guidance counselor will visit the classroom and make sure the students felt safe and secure.

“I’m at a loss on the whole thing,” Kirsch told the paper Friday. “People are shocked. People I’ve spoken to are at a loss for words.”

The teacher admitted saying Heil Hitler and demonstrating the gesture, the paper reported.





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