Terrorist Behind Fatal Shooting Attack, 37 Year-old Father of Four

Three Israelis have been murdered and one has been seriously wounded in a Palestinian shooting attack in the settlement of Har Adar, near Jerusalem.

Nimer Aljamal. The terrorist is reported to be a 37 year old father of 4

The terrorist behind the fatal shooting attack is Nimer Aljamal, a 37 year-old father of four children from the village of Beyt Sourik. The terrorist, who had a work permit, was attempting to make an entrance via a checkpoint of the Har Adar community with other workers from the PA who were coming in to the settlement to work.

Credit: The victims in white ZAKA body bags.

Prior to arrival at the checkpoint, the terrorist raised suspicion of Border Police officers and security guards operating in the area. They ordered him to stop.

Gun used by terrorist.


At that point, realizing that he was going to be searched, he pulled up his shirt, pulled out a pistol, and fired short range shots at the guards and soldiers. Border Police officers responded immediately, fired at him and neutralized him.

The terrorist in a black bag. (Twitter)

Emergency medical teams from Magen David Adom were dispatched to the scene and evacuated a  wounded man to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospsital.

IDF on the scene (Twitter)

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