Israel Arrests Arabs Who Plotted a Second Temple Mount Terror Attack

Sergeant Major General Haiel Stawi (L) and Lieutenant-Colonel Kamil Shanan (R), two Israeli police officers killed in a terror attack on Jerusalem's Temple Mount complex, July 14 2017. Israel Police
Israel’s Shin Bet security agency Thursday announced the arrests of three Israeli Arab supporters of the Islamic State terror group for plotting to carry out a shooting attack at the Temple Mount, similar to the attack that killed two Druze police officers near the holy site in July.

The arrests were made by the Shin Bet and the Israel Police. The three suspected terrorists—Said Gasub Mahmoud Jabarin, 26, Faris Salah Mahmoud Mahajna, 24, and a 16-year-old minor—all come from the northern Israeli city of Umm al-Fahm, where the three Arab terrorists who perpetrated the July 14 Temple Mount terror attack also lived.\

Credit: Shin Bet

The Shin Bet’s investigation revealed that Jabarin and the teen planned to carry out the shooting attack. Two firearms and ammunition they intended to use in the attack were turned over to Israeli security forces, and a rifle was also seized at Mahajna’s home.

Israeli security forces detained several other suspects from Umm al-Fahm for questioning “on suspicion of trafficking in war material,” according to the Shin Bet.

The Shin Bet said it “views Israelis who support the terrorist Islamic State organization, especially those who are in contact with its operatives and who work on its behalf inside the state of Israel, as a serious security threat.”