Landmark New York Kosher Establishment Threatened By Swastika Threats

Credit: Dov Hikind Facebook
NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) was quick to act when Weiss Bakery in Boro Park received a letter with a huge swastika threatening the establishment with racial slurs. Calling to “make America great again,” the letter states, “Juden Raus [Jews out] – Negroes and Faggots Burn in Hell.” After receiving a call from the bakery’s owner, Hikind visited Weiss Bakery with members of his staff to gather more details before filing a complaint with the police.

“In light of what’s going on the world, all threats must be taken very seriously,” said Hikind. “We’re not waiting for an incident before addressing a threat. Fortunately, our community and myself have an excellent relationship with law enforcement—and the NYPD is the best there is at addressing criminal activity.

Credit: Dov Hikind Facebook 

“Hate crimes are serious matters. This threat against one of our community’s beloved establishments, which used the U.S. mail, is absolutely a hate crime. It’s sad that we live in a time when such disgusting things are said about various races, including the Jews, but we will certainly take these matters seriously when they arise and act swiftly and responsibly, in tandem with the police, to make sure our community members are safe and protected.”

Hikind urges anyone who is threatened to contact their local precinct. He said the NYPD’s 66th precinct is pursuing the threat to Weiss Bakery and the bias unit is involved.



Source: Dov Hikind