WATCH: Gal Gadot Hosts Saturday Night Live, Opens With ‘Secret Message’ in Hebrew

Gadot on SNL (NBC)
Israeli ‘Wonder Woman’ made history as the  first-ever Israeli to host the live comedy sketch show as fans in Israel were able to view it live for the first time ever.

Gadot did not disappoint her Israeli fans as she brought Israel up from the moment she got on stage.

“Yes, I know, I have an accent, obviously I’m not from here,” she said at the beginning of her monologue. “That’s right – I’m from Albuquerque.”

“No, just kidding..I’m from Israel and this is so exciting for me, because tonight’s show is being broadcast live in Israel for the very first time. Hi Eema, hi Abba,” Gadot said, calling out to her parents in Hebrew. With that, Gadot sent a secret message in Hebrew to her Israeli fans, speaking in Hebrew.

“Hi to everyone at home, I just want to say that… this could be a huge mistake,” she said in Hebrew – with English subtitles on the screen. “The writers don’t have any idea what’s happening in Israel, and in every sketch they have me eating hummus. I mean, I love hummus – but come on! They’re very nice, but not very sophisticated – they think I’m actually ‘Wonder Woman.’ In short, wish me luck!”