OP-ED: Justice Miriam Naor, You Are a Disgusting Individual.


By Alan Silver, JBN Contributor

Justice Miriam Naor was the chief justice on the High Court bench and she retired today from the position. But she left the position, not before judging that the cafes and supermarkets can remain open on Shabbos.

Davka in the week that millions of Jews are going to be keeping Shabbos ( this week Parshat Lech Lecha), in the Shabbos Project, does she decide that the desecration of Shabbos is lawful in Israel.

Who the hell does she think she is?

G-d gave us the commandment to keep the Shabbos and to make it Holy, but she would not know what that means. Nor do her fellow judges know any better.

So she thinks that the Israeli High Court can cancel laws given to us by G-d? I am totally astounded by this decision.

Now let me explain further. What one does in your own home or in your own ‘cupboard’ is not my business, but once this desecration of the Shabbos is now lawfully allowed, this is when all RED LINES are crossed. It means that the country is actually turning its back on G-d.

How are we to expect that G-d will help and protect us from any bad thing or event, and yet turn our backs to His laws and commandments? We are, in my opinion in serious trouble.

This terrible decision has to be protested and overturned as soon as possible. We Torah observant Jews have to go out onto the streets and really protest this infamous and disgraceful decision. The protests that we have seen recently from a small part of the Haredi community is going to be ”childs play’ compared to what can now be expected from the Torah observant community.

If she wanted to leave with a ‘bang’ and think that she will be writing herself into history, she has left her mark in a decision that will divide the country and our nation. No good is going to come from this decision.

Our leaders have avoided protesting against the gay parades because they did not want to have to explain to our children what gay and the ramifications of this way of life is all about. But here we have the Holy Shabbos at stake. Shabbos is our proof of our keeping our side of our Holy covenant with G-d, and our dedication to Him.

I expect very big protests to start taking place and at least one very big protest gathering to take place in the near future.

This is not only for the Haredi community, but for ALL Torah observant Jews that hold dearly to our Holy Torah and all the commandments that are given to us to observe.

Alan Silver is a JBN contributor and a popular personality in Israel where he is on the pulse of all Jewish and Israel breaking news as it happens. You can follow him on Facebook.

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