Lawsuit Claims Wife Of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Treated Staff Like ‘Slaves’ (Videos)

Credit: Facebook
Sara Netanyahu is facing a new lawsuit from a former employee claiming she exhibited abusive and threatening behavior and treated staff like “slaves,” The Guardian reported.

The details surrounding the most recent case — which comes after two previous cases against Netanyahu for wrongful employment practices — also comes after allegations surfaced regarding fraudulent spending in the prime minister’s official residence, the report said.

“The latest civil suit was filed on Thursday by an unnamed 24-year-old ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman serving as a cleaner for a month at the official residence in Balfour Street, Jerusalem, the report said. In the suit, the woman is only identified as “SR.”

The lawsuit claims Netanyahu was verbally abusive and said during an incident it appeared she was going to hit her. In addition, it claimed Netanyahu considered her staff “slaves,” preferring highly religious women from the ultra-Orthodox religion who it claimed she believed to be harder working and more introverted and obedient.

When describing a dress code in connection to Netanyahu’s reported concern with extreme cleanliness — which was also referred to in previous court cases by former employees — the suit claims “SR was required to pack each item [of clothing] separately in two sealed and sterile bags, and at the end of each work day was supposed to take them home, wash them (even if they had not been worn) and reseal them in new sterile bags.”

President Trump, PM Netanyahu, Melania Trump and Sara Netanyahu in Israel (YOUTUBE Screenshot)

“Mrs. Netanyahu emphasized in an unequivocal manner that SR must ‘take care’ to ensure that her children did not come into contact with the washed items and/or the sterile bags,” explaining “that children carry many diseases and it was feared that the items could be contaminated,” the suit added.

In addition, the suit claimed staff was ordered to wash hands on multiple occasions, were not allowed to eat while working and also were punished when asked for breaks.

“I have just been to Argentina and suffered for the state of Israel,” Netanyahu allegedly said when scolding the former employee. “You have some nerve asking for breaks.”

Matters allegedly became worse at the beginning of October when Netanyahu allegedly became enraged when she could not find a pair of shoes and appeared to raise her hand to hit the cleaner.

US President Donald Trump (2R) and his wife Melania Trump (R) with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (2L) and his wife Sara Netanyahu Ben Gurion Airport, May 22, 2017. (Avi Ohayon/GPO)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refuted the latest claims and denied allegations of wrongdoing in the past, despite two successful lawsuits against his wife.

“An employee who worked only a few days, and for that she is trying to blackmail us for 225,000 shekels [$63,640] and get easy publicity and money, and defame Mrs. Netanyahu, he said on Facebook. “There is no end to the persecution. There is no end to the lies, and there is no end to the character assassination.”