5 victims of NYC attack ID’d, all from Argentina, Including Wealthy Jewish Businessman, Ariel Erlij

Five of the fatalities of at least eight people that were killed by a terrorist in a rented pickup truck, were all friends from Argentina. The Argentinian government released their names as follows: Ariel Erlij (Erlich), Alejandro Damián Pagnucco, Hernán Diego Mendoza, Diego Enrique Angelini, , and Hernán Ferruchi.”

Local media reported that Erlij, a 48-year-old well known figure and businessman in Argentina, paid for the trip of some of his schoolmates so that they would be able to make the trip to the US with him. Erlij owned a successful steel mill.

Ariel Erlij and family. (Ariel Erlij , Facebook)

The Argentinian foreign ministry released a statement saying that the five deaths were “a result of the dramatic terrorist attack in New York this afternoon”.

It continued: “The friends, from the city of Rosario, were part of a group of friends
celebrating the 30th anniversary of their graduation from the high
school of that city when the tragic event occurred.

“The consulate general continues working in permanent contact with the police authorities and the hospital that received the affected, as well as with the
relatives in Argentina. We accompany the families in this terrible moment of deep pain, which all Argentines share.”