WATCH: Meet the Heroic Men Who Shot the Texas Church Shooter Dead & Prevented More Deaths

Johnnie Langendorff

Two heroic Texas locals have been praised for stopping the worst mass shooting in Texas which left at least 27 people dead.

Members of the FBI walk behind the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs after a fatal shooting, Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017, in Sutherland Springs, Texas. (AP Photo/Darren Abate)

The locals returned fire at Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, who was attacking the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs during mass. Kelley was dressed all in black and is said to have been wearing a protective bulletproof vest.

Latest picture of Devin Patrick Kelley

Texas Department of Public Safety Regional Director Freeman Martin said that a neighbor of the church ‘grabbed his rifle and engaged the suspect.’

Kelley who was injured in the gun battle, fled the church and got back in his SUV to flee the scene.


The neighbor who injured Kelley, approached Johnnie Langendorff and asked him to help chase down Kelley. The pair jumped into Langendorff’s truck and gave chase.

In a Facebook post, Langendorff’s girlfriend Summer Caddel described how they ‘jumped in my boyfriend’s truck and they chased that sick b*****d down in pursuit until the cops could catch up. He was able to run the shooter off of the road on 539!’

Langendorff told local media that he was speeding at 95mph, while on the phone to 911.

Johnnie Langendorff pictures at the scene.

Langendorff said that Kelley appeared to lose control and his car swerved off the road. ‘That’s when I put the truck in park,’ he said. ‘The other gentleman jumped out, and had his rifle on him. He (the shooter) didn’t move after that.’