Miracles In Real Time: When Israel’s Enemies Fight Each Other

Credit: Youtube Screenshot

By Alan Silver, JBN Contributor

It looks like a major conflict could break out here, in the Middle East. The Sunni and Shiite Muslims seem to be readying themselves for a final showdown, between themselves. Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, and the Houthis of Yemen, but there are other Arab states that could get into the fray of things.

A missile was fired at Saudi Arabia over Shabbos, and was intercepted by an American anti missile battery positioned in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Bahrain has called on its citizens to leave Lebanon, Saudi Arabia has accused that Hezbollah was responsible for the firing of that missile at her capital and international airport.

Many gulf states too, fear that Iran is an existential threat to their countries.

Everyone is on alert now and everyone is suspicious of each other. And now Saudi Arabia attacked Yemen and killed one of the main leaders of the Iranian backed Houthis and a group of advisers and supporters at the same time. This is attack is expected to ignite the region, and some serious fighting could break out soon.

What an amazing situation to watch. The very people that hate Jews and Israel with all their might are actually fighting each other. This is not a regular hatred, but a hatred that is religiously based. There is no more deeper hatred than religious hatred. They have a commandment from their Koran and their religious leaders, to kill all Jews. Yet they are being pushed into hating each other. This can only be explained, that this is a divine decree on these Jewish haters. We may soon watch these nations attacking and killing each other, while we sit on the sidelines and watch.

What an amazing situation to watch. The very people that hate Jews and Israel with all their might are actually fighting each other. – Alan Silver

This is very similar to a story that is known, of a meeting between the Tzar of Russia and Reb Chaim Volozhin, in the 1800s. The Tzar asked Reb Chaim, how he thought the Jews will survive, without any defenses, a weak nation, basically a ‘nothing’ nation.

Chaim ben Yitzhak Volozhiner (Yitzhakin), Founder Volozhin Yeshiva (1749 – 1821) – Wikipedia


Reb Chaim answered him with a moshol. He asked the Tzar, that if there were a group of chickens in a chicken coup and among them are big fat and strong chickens, and also weak chickens. And if the owner would come to the chicken coup and bring food for them, and all the chickens would dive for the food, and the  chickens would storm forward fighting for the food.

The strong ones would really ‘climb’ into the others and fight for the food. And the weak chickens would have no chance and remain on the side, watching the fierce fighting going on. After a while, all the stronger chickens were lying mortally wounded from the fighting, and the food still remained in the plates, untouched. The weak chickens then stepped up to the plates full of food and ate peacefully. That, Reb Chaim Volozhin told the Tzar, is how the Jews have and will survive.

We see that this moshel (parable)  is unfolding before our eyes today. Truly an open miracle happening today, before our eyes. We should just sit back and be good Jews, watch the events unfold, understand and appreciate it, while it all happens.

Alan Silver is a JBN contributor and a popular personality in Israel where he is on the pulse of all Jewish and Israel breaking news as it happens. You can follow him on Facebook.

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