Jewish Man Dragged to Death in Front of Wife in Apparent Road Rage (Video)

The suspect and his van.
Gavriel Mardaknayevy, a Jewish Brooklyn man, was dragged to his death Thursday night while his wife witnesses the entire incident, following a road-rage incident in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Mardaknayevy who was driving a sedan, collided with white van at about 9:30pm. Mardaknayevy, 65, then got out of his sedan from the passenger side and tried to stop the van driver from leaving the scene, police said.

The driver of the van that struck and dragged a Brooklyn man for 2 blocls. Robert Mecea

When he reached the front end of the van, the van driver sped up and hit the man head-on, dragging him for two full blocks before he stopped.

Mardaknayevy’s wife, who witnesses the entire altercation was in the driver’s seat of their sedan.

Firefighters responded to the scene, lifting the van off of Mardaknayevy. Hatzolah transported Mardaknayevy to Lutheran Medical Center where he pronounced dead at the hospital. The 55 year-old van driver stopped his van and was taken into custody with charges pending.