5 Stolen Torahs Scrolls Found in Hevron With PA Authorities Assistance

Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson
Israel police, IDF and the Palestinian Authority coordinate, find and return from Hevron 5 Torah scrolls stolen from a Yaffo synagogue.

Earlier this week, five Torah scrolls were stolen by Arabs from a synagogue in central Israel and taken to Hevron.

Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson

Today, thanks to coordination between the Hevron District Coordination Liaison, Israel’s Police and the PA Police, the scrolls were returned and will make their way back to the synagogue.

Commander of the Hevron District Coordination Liaison, Lt. Col. Hariz Safadi, said: “The Civil Administration is working with its counterparts in the Palestinian Authority to coordinate a variety of civil and security issues. The return of the Torah scrolls is an example of the close coordination that takes place every day between the two sides in order to save lives and create security in the region.”