EXCLUSIVE: See the Shocking Antisemitic Result When You Type ‘European’ Into Google Translate

Screenshot by JewishBreakingNews.com / @JBN
We have all seen vague antisemitic slights from Google, Facebook and other high profiles sites in the past. Sometimes it is the word ‘Israel’ not seen on the map or ‘Palestine’ replacing Israel in drop down menus and sometimes it is “Jerusalem” rather than “Jerusalem, Israel” written in a US passport.  However a search result for ‘European’ on Google Translate seems anything but vague or subtle. The result for ‘European’ in the definition section translates as follows:

Definitions of European
of, relating to, or characteristic of Europe or its inhabitants.
We Europeans may take Palestinian land to give it to former European inhabitants, the Jews.


Screenshot by JewishBreakingNews.com / @JBN

JBN reached out to Google for comment on how this result appears in their official definitions for the word, European. A Google representative said “We are not aware of this matter but will fully investigate it and get back to you”

Feel free to call Google at 650-253-0000 to demand that this definition is removed. Google is famously impossible to reach, at least a human at Google is hard to reach, but  to navigate down their phone maze to speak to a human, press  5, 3, then 0 when you hear the prompts.

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