Jerusalem Bomb Blast Victim Dies After Six Years in a Coma

Hodaya Asulin (Photo: Courtesy of the Asulin family)
Six years after a bomb attack in Jerusalem that killed a British tourist, an Israeli woman has died.

Funeral of Hodaya Asulin (Eliran Aaron)

Hodaya Asulin was 14 at the time of the March 2011 attack in which a bomb exploded at a payphone near Jerusalem’s International Convention Center, where the teen was waiting for a bus. She has been in a coma ever since.

Mary Jean Gardener (MFA)

Mary Jean Gardner, 59, a British citizen who had been studying at Hebrew University for three months at the time of the bomb blast, was killed in the explosion. More than three dozen people were injured.

(Photo: Gil Yohanan)

Asulin, who died Wednesday morning at in Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in Jerusalem, had been cared for by her family at home in the West Bank community of Mevo Horon. She never regained consciousness, according to reports.