Lebanese Paper Says Alleges Gadot Is a Mossad Agent

Jewish Press
Photo Credit: Twitter
The Lebanese newspaper Al-Liwaa on Monday ran a front page story about the Lebanese writer/actor Ziad Itani, arrested last week in Lebanon on charges of spying for Israel. Itani was supposedly recruited by a female officer from the Mossad named Colette Vianfi, but the image of the seductress spy that Al-Liwaa’s “exposed” on their front page story belongs to Israeli actress Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman in the movies.

Gal Gadot on al-Liwaa’s front page

The caption below Gadot’s picture reads: “The officer of the Israeli Mossad, Colette Vianfi, who recruited Ziad Itani.”

It could be that Gadot, on the outs with the Hollywood establishment over her refusal to work with Brett Ratner, who is accused of sexual misconduct, is looking for supplementary income luring Lebanese actors into her net on behalf of the Mossad.

On the other hand, since Gadot’s blockbuster movie “Wonder Woman” was banned in Lebanon, it might explain the human error of Al-Liwaa’s editors, not having recognized her.


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