Jewish Kids on Bar Mitzvah Hike Attacked by Palestinian Mob, Parent Shoots & Kills Attacker

A Palestinian farmer was shot and killed after a group of Palestinians threw rocks at a group of Jewish children and their adult escorts hiking in the West Bank.

The children were on a hike to celebrate the bar mitzvah of one of the children, and walked near the Palestinian village of Qusra, located near Nablus in the northern West Bank, according to reports.

Soldiers arrive at Bar Mitzvah Hike

Parents escorting the hiking children reportedly said at least 30 Palestinian men surrounded them and started throwing rocks. A parent on the hike, one of two carrying a gun, fired into the crowd to break it up, killing one of the rock throwers.

Palestinian sources identified the dead man as Mahmoud Odeh, 48, a farmer from Qusra. Two Jewish fathers escorting the hikers also were injured in the clashes.

The parent escorts ushered the boys into a cave to keep them safe until Israeli security forces arrived, according to reports. Security forces reportedly used riot dispersal methods, including tear gas, on both sides to stop the clashes.

The Israel Defense Forces said that the Israeli father escorting the students shot at Odeh in “self-defense.”