Alleged ‘Israeli Mossad Agent’ Convicted of Spying for Israel Sentenced to Death

Jailed Iranian Swedish Physician Sentenced to Death in Iran
A doctor and medical researcher convicted of spying for Israel’s Mossad intelligence service was sentenced to death by the country’s Supreme Court.

The decision of the court in the sentence of Ahmad Reza Jalali was reported today. It is not known when the sentence will be carried out, the Associated Press reported, citing the semi-official ISNA news agency.

A week ago, Jalali confessed on Iran state television to providing information to a foreign intelligence service about Iranian nuclear scientists. He said he was recruited to an unnamed country’s foreign intelligence service while he was studying in a European country that he also did not name. It is not known if the confession was coerced.

The broadcast displayed images of a Swedish ID card and Rome’s Colosseum, The Associated Press reported.

Jalali has been held in jail in Iran since April 2016. He was convicted and sentenced to death in October 2017 for working with Israel’s Mossad foreign intelligence agency and assisting in the assassination of several senior nuclear scientists. Iran’s Supreme Court upheld his death sentence several months ago.

Jalali worked as an emergency medicine specialist resident in Sweden. He was a visiting professor at Belgium’s Vrije University when he was arrested during a trip to Iran in April 2016.