Ben Gurion Airport to Undergo Massive $1.43 Billion Upgrade

English: Ben Gurion International Airport Tel Aviv (Credit: Ralf Roletschek, WIkipedia Commons)

Over 20 million passengers passed through Israel’s main airport this year and the Transport Ministry estimates there will be 23 million in 2018.

Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport will undergo massive upgrades and expansions at a cost of $1.43 billion.

The Israel Airport Authority announced the plans on Monday, saying the upgrades are necessary to accommodate an expected 50 percent increase in passenger turnover in the next five years, the Israeli business daily Calcalist reported.

El Al Boeing 767-300 (BriYYZ from Toronto, Canada)

Earlier this week, the airport welcomed 2017’s 20 millionth passenger, according to Calcalist.

Among the scheduled upgrades: 86 additional check-in stations, more stations for self check-in, plus six more luggage-screening machines. The airport also will add eight passenger boarding bridges and two additional shuttle gates.

Construction of a new Terminal 2 is scheduled to absorb domestic flights after the closure of Tel Aviv’s Sde Dov airport, the business daily Globes reported.


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