Explosive Report That France Hired 25 Hebrew Speakers to Investigate Jews in Israel

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An explosive report by Globes, the Israeli financial daily newspaper, claims that France has established a secret department to target French Jews believed to be avoiding tax.
The exclusive report alleges that authorities France’s Ministry of Finance, established a special, Hebrew-speaking “secret department” on the 13th floor to handle tax evasion by French Jews through property deals in Israel. The paper also claims that department is due to hire an additional five members of staff to help tackle the alleged rampant tax evasion.

France’s Ministry of Finance (Globes)

The report cites multiple unnamed sources, insiders, and experts to legitimize claims of institutionalized anti-Semitism in a country which is world famous as a constitutionally defined secular republic.

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The “secret department” allegedly examines Land Registry deals in Israel in cities such as Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Ra’anana, Netanya, and Jerusalem for anomalies that correlate with foreign passport information. The crack team of Israeli tax law veterans also reportedly targets French Jews who are in the process of emigrating to Israel.

“It is very, very irregular to hire 20 Hebrew-speaking employees, or any other language, in a foreign tax authority. Most tax authorities have one or two Hebrew-speakers,” an anonymous “international lawyer specializing in taxation who is familiar with the secret department” told Globes.

“Every tax authority has employees that speak a foreign language, but hiring 20 or more Hebrew-speaking investigators is very irregular.”