WATCH: Democrat Congressman Abruptly Leaves Trump’s SOTU Speech Over ‘USA!’ Chant

Luis Gutierrez storms out (Screenshot)
Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez abruptly left President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address after a pro-American USA! USA! USA! chant broke out in the crowd.

Gutierrez was spotted abruptly leaving the room as one Democratic colleague seemed to want to stop him from leaving.

Gutierrez spokesman later said that he was not leaving in protest but rather because he was trying to get to a Univision interview early.

“He was trying to make it to Univision, It was not a protest or anything. He was just trying to get ahead of the crowd,” said Gutierrez’s spokesman

Gutierrez conceded that Trump gave a good speech but also jabbed about it being written by the Russians.

Luis Gutierrez (Facebook)

“Even though I disagreed with almost everything he said, for Trump, the speech was clear and well-delivered,” Gutierrez said. “Whoever translated it for him from Russian did a good job.”