BREAKING: Orthodox Jewish Man Stabbed 4 Times on Street in Midtown Manhattan; FEDEX Driver in Custody

The FEDEX driver being taken into custody by NYPD. (Twitter)
An Orthodox Jewish man was stabbed on the street in Midtown Manhattan, near the Empire State Building on Monday afternoon.

The stabbing occurred at 33rd Street and Fifth Avenue.

A Jewish man On the ground) reportedly stabbed by a FEDEX driver Front being arrested) 4 times. Twitter)

Police say the 28-year-old victim, named Yaakov Jake Gindi, was stabbed in the back multiple times and rushed to Bellevue Hospital. The 22-year-old suspect, Madraque Tyquan Bailey, who is reportedly a worker for FEDEX, was quickly taken into custody by the NYPD.


“The guy was bleeding a lot. His whole stomach was cut open,” said a worker selling tickets to the Empire State Building. “I saw when the ambulance got here. They lifted his shirt — I thought he got shot because there was a wound in the front and in the back. It must have been a big knife!”

The scene of the attack Credit: TWITTER

The circumstances of the stabbing are not yet known, but witnesses says that the Jewish man was stabbed 4 times after some sort of dispute with the Fedex worker.

The family of the man who was stabbed is asking for prayers for Yaakov ben Yocheved