WATCH: Why Does This NFL Star’s 6.6 Million Mansion Have a Synagogue in it?

Antonio Brown, six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, owns an enormous mansion in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Inside, along with the dozen bedrooms and private movie theater, sits an in-home synagogue and Jewish ritual washing station.

Brown isn’t Jewish, but he showed off the house in an interview with Complex magazine that was just released.

Brown bought the masnion for 6.6 million dollars from Yizhak and Liat Toledano with the synagogue already installed. But in an interview with Complex magazine, Brown said he’s kept the room intact.

“I got a lot of Jewish friends, and a synagogue is where you bless up,” he told the Complex magazine when asked about the synagogue.

Yizhak Toledano is an Israeli-born real estate developer, in 2016. You can see that one of the chairs in the synagogue seen in the video is embroidered with “Yizhak” on the back

Yizhak Toledano on the management journal for corporate growth.

The house also contains a station for ritual hand washing, or netilat yadaim, connected to a dining room, and three kitchens, which according to The Times of Israel were kept kosher under the Toledanos’ ownership.

Toledano is a real estate developer and CEO of Sky Development. It was reported that Sky Development was to start a $300 million fund to buy distressed properties around the US, with the goal of building up a portfolio of $1 billion with an exit strategy of one to four years.

Toledano founded the company at the age of 24 after he finished his army service in the IDF.

Toledano and his wife have seven children.

A look at a ritual hand washing station in Brown’s house. (Screenshot from YouTube)

Brown, who has been one of the league’s best receivers over the past half decade, might not have been improvising when he said he has many Jewish friends. He has shown affinity for Jews before, notably wishing Jews a happy Rosh Hashanah on Twitter in 2012.

(#Cueupu is a reference to a motivational motto that he calls his slogan: “Chest up. Eyes up. Prayed up.”)

He was a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars” in 2016 right after he bought the house, and was asked about the synagogue. His interviewer said that he should dance the horah with his partner on TV.

Antonio Brown (born 1988), a player on the National Football League. (Wikipedia Commons)

“That’d be dope!” he laughed. “I like that, you got good vision!”