BREAKING: Trenchcoat Worn by Santa Fe School Shooter, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, Shows Both Communist and Nazi Symbols

A photo of the trench-coat that Santa Fe, 17-year-old Texas student Dimitrios Pagourtzis wore during this morning’s school shooting which killed 10 students, shows both Nazi and Communist symbols.

Pagourtzis went on a rampage in an art class at 8am this morning. Police reports said that he had a shotgun which he probably hid under his trench-coat.

His Instagram and Facebook page (now deleted) include the trench-coat that he was wearing during the attack, which shows badges for both the Communist hammer and sickle and the Nazi iron cross.

Dimitrios Pagourtzis Instagram Page

The black and white Iron Cross was Nazi Germany’s highest military decoration for bravery but it was redesigned in 1957 after the German government banned the production of Nazi-associated emblems.

His social media also showed a t-shirt with the words “born to kill” which was on his Facebook page.

Dimitrios Pagourtzis Instagram Page

Other social media photos show a handgun, a knife and a flashlight resting on a bed.

Dimitrios Pagourtzis Instagram Page


According to other students at the scene, Pagourtzis was bullied by other students and  teachers despite being a key member of the Santa Fe Indians football team.

Officials report striking similarities between Pagourtzis social media postings and the Parrkland Massacre shooter, Nikolas Cruz social media postings which both seem to have blatant signs that they were advertising that they were going to commit a shooting. In the Cruz case, he had posted on social media, “I am going to be the next school shooter” a warning that was ignored by law enforcement.