Terrorist Killed, 35 Wounded as Israeli Caravan Visits Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus

IDF Troops Protect Worshippers at Joseph's Tomb
Clashes broke out this evening between Arab terrorists and Israeli security forces in the city of Nablus. This comes as a caravan of religious Israelis visited Joseph’s Tomb in the area.

Wassim Kalifa (18) - shot dead after attacking IDF forces
Wassim Kalifa (18) – shot dead after attacking IDF forces

Wassim Kalifa, an 18-year-old Arab from the Balata refugee camp, was killed by IDF forces after firing at an Israeli jeep, thankfully no IDF soldiers were injured.

Israeli bus shot by terrorist gunfire

Palestinian medical authorities claim that at least 35 Arabs were wounded by gunfire, rubber bullets, and tear gas after mobs attempting to attack the Israeli forces.

As the Israeli caravan left the complex where Joseph’s Tomb is located a group of terrorists fired at an armored bus carrying civilians, the bullet was stopped by the armored bus windows — IDF forces are searching for the suspect.

Arabs in Nablus parade the body of a dead terrorist

The IDF did not comment on the clashes, but confirmed in a statement that troops were securing a coordinated pilgrimage.

The fighting broke out as a convoy of Jewish worshippers and IDF soldiers entered the city for a monthly visit to the tomb of Joseph where they met with resistance from locals.