IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi visited the resting areas in the Kerem Shalom today flanked by other top commanders to give a situational update on the elimination of Hamas in their last stronghold of Rafah.

“In the Rafah Brigade, based on what we’ve seen firsthand, we count over 900 terrorists killed, including commanders, at least one battalion commander, many company commanders, and many operatives. Our current effort is focused on destroying the terrorist infrastructure and the underground infrastructure, which takes time.

This is a long campaign because we do not want to leave Rafah with the terrorist infrastructure intact. We’ve eliminated some terrorists underground and others who tried to emerge above ground,” Halevi said.

He added, “Our ongoing efforts are crucial. The terrorists should feel exhausted, while we remain energized and determined. As we move to the next phase, we will adapt our measures, bring new tactics, and provide logistical support that fits the phase. Our determination, perseverance, and patience will wear down the other side and accomplish our missions. Great appreciation and thank you to all.”

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