A dozen government officials have resigned in protest of President Joe Biden’s support for Israel, slamming it as a failure that threatens national security.

In a joint statement to the Huffington Post, officials from the State Department, military, and Biden’s own political staff, claimed Biden’s support for Israel in its war against Hamas has been “devastating” for Arabs.

“Each of us has sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and as our nation celebrates its Independence Day, each of us is reminded that we resigned from government not to terminate that oath but to continue to abide by it,” the statement reads.

“The President’s policy has not made Israelis any safer, it has emboldened extremists while it has been devastating for the Palestinian people, ensuring a vicious cycle of poverty and hopelessness, with all the implications of that cycle, for generations to come.”

The antisemitic letter also recommends creating stringent protocols to restrict future presidents from offering support for Israel, claiming it would make the US complicit in “war crimes”, such as “killings and forced starvation” in Gaza.

However, the truth is Israel’s military operations in Gaza are conducted with a focus on minimizing civilian casualties, unlike Hamas which deliberately uses its population as human shields.

It is well documented how the IDF employs various tactics to warn civilians before strikes, including phone calls, leaflets, and roof-knocking techniques. In contrast, Hamas has long waged its genocidal campaign against Israel by operating from densely populated areas and storing weapons in Gazan schools and hospitals.

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