Tensions flared at Columbia University over the weekend as a group of pro-Hamas sympathizers disrupted the school’s alumni reunion festivities.

According to the New York Post, approximately 25 demonstrators identifying themselves as “Revolt 4 Rafah” illegally erected tents and hung provocative banners, including one that read “We’re Back Bitches.” They accused the university administration of colluding with pro-Israel lobbying groups and law enforcement to crack down previous demonstrations,

“This encampment follows the revelation that Columbia University has been colluding with the billionaire lobby, acting on behalf of foreign governments to brutalize, mass arrest, and siege our campus with the NYPD,” the “activist” group posted on Instagram.

A press release circulated by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) made the outrageous demand that alumni withhold donations until the university ends its complicity in Israel’s “crimes against Palestine.” The Jew-hating group also warned of a “summer of chaos” should their ultimatums go unheeded.

Fortunately, the pro-Hamas rally was short-lived as campus public safety personnel dismantled the illegal encampment and removed the trespassers within an hour.

Columbia’s unrest over the weekend marks the latest in an intensifying barrage of antisemitic provocations orchestrated by SJP in recent months. In late April, over 100 anti-Israel agitators were hauled away by NYPD officers after a horde occupied Hamilton Hall.

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