A disturbing antisemitic poster targeting Jewish Liberal MP Anthony Housefather has surfaced in Montreal.

The poster going viral on social media is seen taped to a lamppost featuring Nazi and defaced Israeli flags alongside the words “Housefather = Neo-Nazi” and a xenophobic demand for the MP to “get out of Canada.”

Housefather, whose family has been in Canada since the 19th century, took to X on Wednesday to address the incident, stating, “I am not going anywhere. Sorry antisemites. You may not like what I have to say, but I will keep saying it.”

Fellow Liberal MP Marco Mendicino offered support for his Jewish colleague by emphasizing the urgent need to combat antisemitism.

“This isn’t 1938. It’s 2024. I don’t give a shit what party you’re in (or not), the condemnation of this antisemitic garbage should be universal and deafening!” Mendicino wrote on X.

A drastic rise in antisemitic incidents since Hamas’ attack against Israel on October 7 has raised serious concerns among Canadian Jewish communities. B’nai Brith Canada’s latest annual audit revealed that the number of reported antisemitic incidents more than doubled from the year prior, reaching an unprecedented 5,791 cases.

Housefather has faced a series of political challenges within his own party over his strong support for Israel. Earlier this year, he strongly fought against the Liberal caucus after a majority voted in favor of a motion to censure Israel over its defensive war against Hamas. He has also been heavily pushing for a House justice committee to crack down on campus antisemitism.

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