The biblical Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria is being ravaged by a shocking wave of arson terror. Over just the past week alone, firefighters battled a staggering 600 wildfires across the region.

While scorching summer temperatures provide ample tinder, Israeli investigators have left no doubt that the vast majority of these conflagrations were systematic acts of anti-Semitic arson, not natural causes.

“Nearly 90% of the investigations concluded the fires were caused by arson,” Fire Chief Eliran Tzruya told Arutz Sheva. “Over just the last few days, at least 25 cases have already been ruled deliberate acts of destruction.”

Most alarmingly, a clear pattern has emerged of fires targeting Israeli military bases and civilian residential areas in an obvious attempt to inflict maximum damage and terrorize innocent civilians.

While endless hand-wringing about reviving the decrepit two-state solution persists, these Arab pyromaniacs brazenly reveal their true face – one consumed by hatred and violence aimed at destroying the Jewish nation, not coexisting alongside it.

Excuses for such unfathomable atrocities against a civilian population are simply inexcusable. Sane global leaders have rightly condemned past Arab atrocities like Hamas and Hezbollah’s indiscriminate rocket barrages on Israeli cities. It’s far past time the international community awakens to these arson attacks fanning the flames of Arab terror.

The double standard reeks of the same stench of antisemitism fueling these heinous acts.

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