The boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement unleashed an unhinged crusade on Wednesday to cancel the iconic British rock band Radiohead over accusations they support Israel’s “genocide” against Gaza.

BDS’ smear campaign erupted after Radiohead members Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood shared a stage with Israeli singer Dudu Tassa during a performance at Tel Aviv’s Barby Club in late May. Despite the show being an intentional cross-cultural celebration featuring Arabic love songs from the band’s latest album, BDS condemned it as an attempt to downplay Israel’s defensive operations against Hamas terrorists.

In a libelous statement, the anti-Semitic group outrageously accused Greenwood of “artwashing Israel’s genocide” and called on its supporters to mobilize “peaceful, creative pressure” to derail Radiohead’s upcoming European tour alongside Tassa.

For his part, Greenwood defended the Jewish partnership as a positive force that could transcend regional divides.

“I think an artistic project that combines Arab and Jewish musicians is worthwhile. And one that reminds everyone that the Jewish cultural roots in countries like Iraq and Yemen go back for thousands of years, is also important,” Greenwood wrote on X.

“Others choose to believe this kind of project is unjustifiable and are urging the silence of this or any artistic effort made by Israeli Jews. But I can’t join that call: The silencing of Israeli filmmakers/musicians/dancers when their work tours abroad – especially when it’s at the urging of their fellow western filmmakers/musicians/artists – feels unprogressive to me, not least because it’s these people that are invariably the most progressive members of any society,” he added.

Seemingly no brand of mainstream entertainment lies beyond BDS’ crosshairs, as they shift from economic boycott campaigns to criminalizing creative expression deemed insufficiently opposed to Israel’s existence.

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