The Biden administration’s $320 million Gaza aid pier is coming under withering criticism as it has been battered by logistical, security and weather issues that have severely hampered its promised aid flows.

According to CNN, the floating pier was destroyed by high winds and heavy seas just over a week after becoming fully operational this month, requiring it to be towed to an Israeli port for costly extensive repairs. Even when functioning, the taxpayer-funded pier has fallen drastically short of projections that it could deliver up to 150 truckloads of aid per day into the Gaza Strip.

“Nobody said at the outset that it was going to be a panacea for all the humanitarian assistance problems that still exist in Gaza,” National Security spokesman John Kirby said on Wednesday. “I think sometimes there’s an expectation of the U.S. military because they’re so good, that everything that they touch is just going to turn to gold in an instant.”

Between rampant inflation, supply chain catastrophes, and the ongoing border crisis, American taxpayers have grown rightfully skeptical of Biden’s cavalier attitude toward fiscal decadence on a shoddily made aid pier.

However, the sad reality is that Gaza’s humanitarian situation is fundamentally a crisis of terror governance, not logistics. So long as the Strip remains under the iron-fisted rule of Hamas, no amount of costly Western aid infrastructure will successfully circumvent the economic catastrophe that Hamas has brought upon its people.

Gaza’s humanitarian needs demands accountability and reform – not ineffectual band-aids that only further bankroll the perpetrators.

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