Britain’s newly elected Prime Minister Keir Starmer appears to be faltering in his commitment to stand with the Jewish state.

According to the Guardian, Starmer’s Labour government is expected to abandon its bid to delay the International Criminal Court (ICC) from issuing an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over alleged war crimes in Gaza.

The previous British government under Rishi Sunak filed a challenge on June 10, questioning the ICC’s jurisdiction over Israeli nationals. Following Sunak’s petition, the ICC’s pre-trial chamber had given the UK until July 12 to submit its full claim, but now under Starmer that challenge is being tossed away along with any hope he would side with the Middle East’s lone democracy.

In a conversation with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday, the British leader expressed his belief that the Arabs have an “undeniable right” to an independent state. During the call, Starmer also addressed the “ongoing suffering and devastating loss of life” in Gaza, seemingly placing the blame squarely on Israel’s shoulders while ignoring Hamas’ guilt in starting the war following its October 7 massacre.

In a separate call with Netanyahu, Starmer emphasized the “clear and urgent” need for an immediate ceasefire and his desire to see a two-state solution that ensures the PA has the financial means to operate effectively.

Moreover, the appointment of David Lammy as foreign secretary raises further concerns regarding the UK’s foreign policy under Starmer’s leadership. On Monday,  Lammy announced his intention to reinstate funding of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), an organization that has been repeatedly found collaborating with Hamas.

    Channah July 10, 2024 1:55 am

    The British have returned to their ancestral roots of deep seated Jew Hating. From its persecution of Jews in the Middle Ages and onward to the cursed British Mandate Britain has performed crimes of Genocide against the Jewish people. Winston Churchill would hang his head in shame. And where oh where are the royals, that well fed, well healed group of pariah sycophants?

    Helen Oster July 10, 2024 2:17 am

    Did he have a conversation with Sinwar to demand the release of the hostages?

    Baghdad Charlie July 10, 2024 2:34 am

    Nothing is new under the sun.

    Cecil s July 10, 2024 2:41 am

    He will soon change his tune once realities set in.

    John Cohen July 10, 2024 4:23 am

    The new PM of Britain and the VP of the USA both have a number of things in common. Both have Jewish spouses. Both have betrayed Israel and the Jewish people. Both have shown support fot pro-terrorist organisations.. And , BOTH can rot in hell!

    Christie July 10, 2024 4:57 am

    Their hating seem to be stretching further, down South still.

    David July 10, 2024 5:42 am

    Lets wait and see if this is fake news or not. “According to the Guardian …….” justa rumour at this point to create pressure

    Harald July 10, 2024 6:52 am

    Yes, wait and see, in a dutch paper, his Jewish wife and shabats habits are portrayed, nothing on his position towards Israël (yet).

    Nina July 10, 2024 7:40 am

    When are these so called leaders going to wake up and realize that “these Arabs” (that is what they are not Palestinians – made up in 1964 by Arafat) have been offered a state 17 times and have turned it down. They have no interest. Their only interest is the annihilation of the Jewish State and all the people in it! Once they are done with that it will be the Christian’s turn! Seriously why do we vote such stupid people into power??

    David July 10, 2024 11:46 am

    This is unfortunate, and frankly morbid, Anti-Semitism has become a political statement for leftist leaders worldwide to feed and apease the deeply rooted anti semitism of the masses, history keeps repeating itself regardless of history.

    David G July 10, 2024 11:47 am

    This is unfortunate, and frankly morbid, Anti-Semitism has become a political statement for leftist leaders worldwide to feed and apease the deeply rooted anti semitism of the masses, history keeps repeating itself regardless of history.

    Monique July 10, 2024 1:58 pm

    What do you except from someone who won’t tell the public why he will be leaving early on Fridays. The man is a coward, he’s scared to rock the Islamist voters. He was scared to tell people he observes Shabbat, he will also be scared to show any support for Israel….. why ? Because his Jew thirsty MPs will oust him, Jewish spouse or not….. we need to stop thinking these people are in support of us, they’re not. We are political points for them

    Natasha July 10, 2024 2:24 pm

    As he should, is noone keeping account of the murders committed by Israel?

    Asch July 10, 2024 5:00 pm

    He was supportive as a labor leader getting rid of Corbyn. Now he’ Is catering to the loudest voices.

    Vivian Grossman July 11, 2024 9:45 am

    No hay peor enemigo que el de la misma gente
    Qué trato habrá llegado con los de HAMÁS?
    Me da pena y asco

    Jenny Bleakley July 16, 2024 7:54 pm

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    Willa Sabella July 17, 2024 12:39 pm

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