In a remarkable archaeological discovery on Tuesday, researchers from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) uncovered British royal and nobility coats-of-arms embedded in the walls of an ancient hospital in Jerusalem.

Located in an area overlooking the Valley of Hinnom across from Mount Zion, patients came from across the Middle East to this pioneering hospital founded in 1882 by the Order of St. John, a modern continuation of the age-old Crusader tradition of care.

While studying the coats-of-arms left by the aristocratic British families who generously funded the expansion of the ophthalmological hospital, IAA experts Shai Halevy and Michael Chernin successfully decoded these symbols of deep historical significance. Addresses from renowned figures like King George V himself and the founder of the iconic Guinness beer brand, Edward Cecil Guinness, were found adorning the very stone of the building.

“These coats-of-arms represent the profound connection members of the British aristocracy and entrepreneurial class felt in supporting the re-establishment of civic institutions in the Jewish ancestral homeland,” said Chernin in a statement. “Their insignias remain as enduring emblems of that important bond.”

In all, 18 distinct coats-of-arms were identified including from the 10th Earl of Scarborough as well as Sir Edward Stern, a Jewish nobleman who was involved in the famed Islamic Art museum in Jerusalem.

    Dan Ben Yechiel Mordechai June 14, 2024 3:04 am

    a hospital from 1882, you call that ancient for a city that has findings that date back to Neolithic period?

    anguri June 14, 2024 5:38 am

    The wonderful 💗 act of solidarity to Israel uncovered at a time, when judaic life is threatened from islamic neighbors all around the state but also around the world. NATIONS: Beware of the fact that only nations, who seek for the blessing of Yerushalaim i.e. Israel, God’s people! receive God’s blessings, too! 🙏 Praise the Lord 🙌🙏

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