A fifth-grade graduation ceremony in Brooklyn turned violent, leading a Jewish family to sue the city for $100 million. The incident occurred on June 14 at PS 682 in Brooklyn, NY. The Jewish family says they were targeted for being Jewish and were punched, smashed in the head and dragged on the ground by their hair.

Lana Lerner, who filmed part of the incident, said she and her husband were attacked while recording. Their twin would year-old boys were participating in the ceremony when another student displayed a “Free Palestine” cap and flag.

Then when it was time to take pictures, Lerner’s family and the other student’s family ended up next to each other when more words were exchanged as the other family taunted them by shouting “Free Palestine!” “Gaza is Ours! and “Death to Israel.”

Lerner’s husband was thrown to the ground, and put in a chokehold, while other members of the family kicked and punched him.

Lerner maintains her husband tried to calm things down, but out of nowhere, a man from the other family allegedly sucker-punched her husband and attacked the couple’s 16-year-old son.

Two teachers intervened to stop the fight.

Lerner expressed that the event marred what should have been a celebratory day. Ez-Al Dean Bazar, 26, was arrested and charged with assault. Their attorney, Sanford Rubenstein urged the district attorney to consider hate crime charges.

“We urge the district attorney’s office when they make a determination with regard to the charges, they charge this as a hate crime and also carefully look at the involvement of others here as well as the one individual who was arrested,” he said.

The NYC Department of Education is investigating and emphasized that graduations should be joyful and free from violence. Initial reports indicate aggressive behavior from both families. The Department reiterated that disruptive political statements are not permitted at graduations.

    Annette Fox July 11, 2024 12:01 am

    Disgusting antisemitism

    L.Edelman July 11, 2024 12:32 am

    Normality and Respect of the Individual or Faith fading fast and this in an Educational Institution – Watching carefully now for the extent of putting a Stop to this Sick Mentality. If allowed to continue it will become endemic and irreversible – No One Wins.💔

    Gary July 11, 2024 4:26 am

    It is unfortunately already endemic worldwide.

    Karen July 11, 2024 11:38 pm

    Of course it is a hate crime and of course others should be charged.

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