Coldplay frontman Chris Martin gestured a powerful of solidarity with Israel during a recent concert in Athens this week.

During the climactic performance of their iconic song “Yellow” on Tuesday, the British rock band was met with deafening chants of “Bring them home!” from the Israeli audience members.

Martin then singled out an Israeli boy named Ori Avodi who was holding up a sign memorializing Shir Eilat, one of the Israeli soldiers slain defending the Nahal Oz community on October 7. He asked young Avodi to put down the sign reading “Your song will play forever” so he could make eye contact.

“Hey, my brother, I have to ask if you believe in the power of magic. Do you believe in the power of magic? Of course. Of course we do. I need you to close your eyes, close your eyes, and I need you to make something special happen. I need you to think for five seconds and I need for you to create fireworks in your mind,” Martin said.

Following a 10-second countdown, a cathartic fireworks display lit up the Athens night sky.

Celebrities vocally sympathizing with Israel have become ominously rare due to the BDS movement’s persistent trolling and threats of retaliation for any deviation from their antisemitic agenda. Coldplay’s willingness to transform their global stage into a rallying cry for the Israeli hostages in Gaza represents an act of exemplary moral leadership found lacking in other prominent entertainers.

    Joe Calabro June 14, 2024 1:53 am

    👏 Bravo. Eventhough I have no idea what Coldplay is. I still applaud his standing up for what’s right and just.

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