The toxic climate of antisemitism festering in America’s urban centers nearly turned deadly this week when a hateful Pakistani cab driver attempted to mow down a group of Orthodox Jewish students with his vehicle outside a Brooklyn yeshiva.

Surveillance video shows the crazed 58-year-old driver, identified as Asghar Ali, revving his 2011 white Crown Victoria engine as he targets Jewish teenagers outside Mesivta Nachlas Yakov School while screaming “I’m going to kill all the Jews.”

After narrowly missing an 18-year-old boy on his initial attempt, the depraved Ali circled the block to try and hit another group of Jews that included two more teens, a man, and a rabbi.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident, but tire marks on the pavement are a sickening reminder of how close Ali came to a potential mass murder. Ali, who has a documented history of mental illness, faces more than a dozen charges including attempted murder, attempted assault, and hate crimes charges, according to the New York Post.

“I’m more scared for them,” a shaken rabbi at the yeshiva told the Post. “Their adrenaline is up, but I’m much more scared than they are.”

Thanks to those who have normalized antisemitic venom, Jewish Americans from New York to Los Angeles must live in constant fear that the next unhinged maniac might use violence to strip them of their most basic freedoms and religious liberty.

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