A disturbed Syrian refugee attempted to firebomb the Israeli embassy in Bucharest on Monday as threats facing Israeli diplomatic facilities increase worldwide.

The 34-year-old Syrian man reportedly approached the embassy building and threatened to kill himself before hurling a lit Molotov cocktail at the entrance. Fortunately, the quick actions of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) anti-terror brigade subdued the assailant before he could breach the facility.

Israel’s top diplomat in Romania, Ambassador Reuven Azar, unequivocally condemned the Syrian refugee responsible for the brazen firebomb attack, labeling him a “violent extremist.”

“I want you to rest assured that we are safe, we are intact,” Azar wrote on X, adding that neither Israel nor Romania will “surrender to terrorism.”

While Romanian investigators have been quick to downplay the incident, suggesting the Syrian’s motives may be linked to personal grievances after being barred from entering Israel, this outrageous attack cannot be viewed in a vacuum. It is but the latest in an increasingly alarming pattern of violence directed at Israeli embassies across the globe.

Just last Tuesday, a mob of pro-Hamas extremists set fire to the Israeli embassy in Mexico City in protest against Israel’s defensive measures in Gaza. In March, Israel’s embassy in the Netherlands was also firebombed, while Swedish authorities narrowly averted disaster by thwarting a bombing plot aimed at the Israeli embassy in Stockholm.

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