A disturbing new video reveals the utter depravity of Hamas as it carried out an unprovoked onslaught against Israel on October 7.

The footage released on Monday by the Hostage Families Forum at the request of the victims’ loved ones shows the harrowing moments when Hamas terrorists kidnapped Eliya Cohen, Hersh Goldberg-Polin and Or Levy after the brutal assault on the Nova music festival.

Hamas operatives are seen celebrating with chants of “Allahu Akbar” as they parade their bleeding captives to an awaiting vehicle for transport into the Gaza Strip. In one particularly savage scene, a terrorist grabs Goldberg-Polin’s hair while cheering the carnage.

“This harrowing footage stands as a damning testament to the 262-day-long abandonment of our loved ones. Hersh, Eliya, and Or were taken alive, and they must return alive, today. Every day that passes puts the hostages at greater risk and diminishes our chances of bringing them back safely,” the Hostage Forum said in a statement.

“After nearly 9 months of fighting and despite recent achievements, it’s clear to everyone that returning all 120 hostages is only possible through a deal! We must approve and implement an agreement that will bring all hostages home – the living for rehabilitation and the murdered for proper burial.”

While extremely difficult to watch, the footage serves as a crucial reminder of Hamas’ boundless depravity. Such egregious war crimes should represent an undeniable reality check for Western leaders deluding themselves about negotiating an end to Hamas’ quest to destroy Israel. However, after eight months of war, Israel instead finds itself in a twisted reality where murderers are worshiped as heroes and victims are despised villains.

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