We are now starting to learn how the daring hostage rescue on Saturday was like out of a scene of ‘Fauda. Undercover Israeli elite spies, including women in black dresses and hijabs, rented a house in a Gaza neighborhood to gather intelligence on hostages before a dramatic rescue mission.

Disguised as wealthy families displaced from Rafah, they infiltrated the Nuseirat refugee camp to confirm the presence of Noa Argamani, 26, and three men. Posing as locals, they identified the buildings where the hostages were held.

Once confirmed, 28 commandos from the Yamam unit began training using models of the buildings. The undercover spies then left during the night of June 5, and the mission commenced the next day. Argamani was rescued smoothly, but complications arose while rescuing the men due to heavy fire from Hamas terrorists.

During the firefight, Yamam commander Arnon Zamora, 36, was killed. Reinforcements arrived, allowing the hostages and rescuers to escape safely. The Gaza health ministry reported 274 Palestinians killed, without specifying how many were Hamas terrorists.

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