Former hostage Almog Meir Jan has spoken about his time in Hamas captivity.

Orit Meir, Almog’s mother, also spoke was featured in this video.

“I was rescued from my captivity in Gaza four weeks ago,” Almog began. “The moment I arrived, many people embraced me. Returning felt like a new birthday for me, like being reborn. I truly hope that all the hostages in Gaza experience this rebirth like I did. I would also like to extend condolences to the family of Arnon Zmora, who truly was a hero of Israel. I hug my mother every morning now. Meeting my mom was amazing. She’s the person closest to me, and we understand each other with just a look.

Seeing my mother again was simply the most moving thing ever. In Gaza, I thought about this: If I return alive…No, not “if,” but when I return alive — the meaning this tattoo [which says ‘ALIVE] will be completely different from what I initially planned.

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