An former Israeli peace activist who was brutally kidnapped from her home on 7 October and held hostage for 53 days in Gaza is describing how her ordeal destroyed her belief that peace is possible between “Palestinians” and Israelis.

In her first interview since being freed in November, Ada Sagi, 75, said she was taken hostage by terrorists who butted her in the head with their rifle and took her to Gaza barefoot on a motorcycle, which burnt her foot. She was held in an apartment by paid guards, kept in a hospital by Hamas before her release, and now believes the world hates Jews.

“I don’t believe in peace, no. I don’t believe, sorry, I changed my mind,” the former peace activist said. “I understand Hamas doesn’t want it.”

Ms. Sagi lived for decades in the Nir Oz kibbutz near the Israel-Gaza border, trying to facilitate peace efforts by teaching Israelis Arabic to speak to their neighbors.

    Senai Weht June 20, 2024 10:20 am

    Senai Weht

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