Noa Argamani breaks her silence after 245 days of captivity. Her boyfriend Avinatan Or, who was kidnapped alongside her is still being held hostage.

“I am Noa Argamani, and I was kidnapped to Gaza on October 7th. I was in Hamas captivity for eight months before being rescued by the security forces on June 8th. As an only child to my parents – and a daughter to a mother with a terminal illness – my biggest worry in captivity was for my parents. It’s a great privilege to be here after 246 days in Hamas captivity. It’s a great privilege to be by my mother’s side after 8 months of uncertainty. It’s a great privilege to see my parents, surrounded by so many good people.

I want to thank the security forces and our army, the soldiers, reservists, special forces, and everyone who took part in the rescue operation and risked their lives so that I could return home.

I mourn with the family of Arnon Zmora, who fell during the rescue operation of me and three other hostages. My heart is with his family. Arnon is a hero of Israel, and because of him, we are here.”

A huge thank you to my family, friends, and everyone who voiced our concerns when we couldn’t speak. I’m grateful to all the wonderful people who supported my family during these difficult times. To everyone who contributed, prayed, and gave of themselves during this long period – thank you. It’s very moving to return home and hear about all the good people who helped and supported us.

I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that there are still 120 hostages in Hamas captivity. Among them is Avinatan Or, my partner, from whom I was separated at the moment of abduction. Although I’m home now, we can’t forget about the hostages who are still in Hamas captivity, and we must do everything possible to bring them back home.

I wish for all of us to have more peaceful days, to be surrounded by family, friends, and good people. Most importantly, may we learn to love and not hate.”`

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