While Bob Marley sang about “One Love” and universal brotherhood, his descendants are living out these ideals in ways he might never have imagine following the recent bar mitzva of hiss grandson Abraham Marley.

Proud father Ziggy Marley shared the momentous occasion on X, writing, “I share this photo of Abraham and I from his celebration of becoming a man according to the ancient tradition he has reached that age of responsibility and change.”

Following, Hamas’ massacre against Israel on October 7, Ziggy signed a star studded letter condemning the Iranian backed terror group.

“This is terrorism. This is evil. There is no justification or rationalization for Hamas’ actions. These are barbaric acts of terrorism that must be called out by everyone. They are a terrorist organization whose leaders call for the murder of Jews everywhere,” reads the open letter signed by over 700 entertainment industry leaders.

“The nightmare that Israelis have feared for decades became a reality as Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli cities and towns. Under the cover of thousands of rockets fired indiscriminately into civilian populations, Hamas murdered and kidnapped innocent men, women, and children.”

Ziggy was raised in the Rastafarian faith of his father, who had adopted the religion as a young adult. Rastafarianism, an Abrahamic religion draws inspiration from the Torah and shares some connections with Judaism.

The faith, which significantly influenced Bob Marley’s legendary life and music, emphasizes spiritual growth and natural living. Rastafarians often use Hebrew names for their children, and some of their practices bear similarities to certain Jewish customs such as following a strict dietary code called “Ital”.

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