In an interview with CNN, Hamas spokesperson Osama Hamdan stated that the fate of the 120 remaining hostages in Gaza is unknown.

He emphasized that any deal to release them must include a permanent ceasefire and complete Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.

Hamdan criticized the current US-backed ceasefire proposal, claiming it does not meet Hamas’s demands and expressing skepticism about Israel’s intentions to follow through with the second phase of the deal.

He deflected responsibility for the suffering in Gaza, blaming Israel and describing the October 7 attacks as a reaction to occupation.

Hamdan dismissed reports of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar suggesting the necessity of Palestinian sacrifices as fake, and he rejected allegations of hostage mistreatment, attributing any psychological issues to Israeli actions.

    Eloesha Miodownik June 15, 2024 11:31 am

    Eloesha Miodownik

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