Hamas has reportedly rejected the White House’s latest proposed ceasefire to end eight months of bloodshed with Israel.

According to Reuters, Qatari mediators revealed on Wednesday that Hamas refused to sign off on the plan unless the US provides explicit written guarantees forcing comprehensive Israeli withdrawals from Gaza and the mass release of dangerous Arab prisoners. Hamas also accused the US of “evading any commitment” to force Israel’s hand into even more concessions.

The ceasefire plan proposed by President Joe Biden in April would reportedly involve a phased approach. In the first phase, it calls for a gradual release of the living Israeli hostages currently held captive in Gaza. It also outlines an initial withdrawal of Israeli forces from certain parts of the enclave.

The second phase would then aim to solidify a permanent ceasefire, while completing the full withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza territory. This phase is also supposed to include the release of hundreds of violent Arab prisoners by Israel.

Finally, the third phase envisions the reconstruction and rebuilding of areas in Gaza that were damaged during the war. It would also see the return of deceased hostages back to Israel.

While Hamas duplicitously frames its rejection as minor reassurance the reality is the terror group remains outwardly committed to eradicating the Jewish state off the map.

State Department officials characterized Hamas’ response as “unworkable” as the counter proposal was filled with numerous changes. An unnamed Israeli official similarly told Reuters that Hamas attempted to change all the “main and most meaningful parameters” through outrageous demands.

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