Hezbollah Suicide Drone Strikes IDF ‘Sky Dew’ Reconnaissance Balloon


In its deepest strike into Israeli territory to date, a Hezbollah drone hit a sensitive IDF military facility in the Lower Galilee on Wednesday night.

As per Arutz Sheva, the “Tal Shamayim” (“Sky Dew”) reconnaissance balloon was struck by a Hezbollah drone, and the military is currently working to repair the aircraft and assess potential damage to its sensors. In response to the attack, the Israeli Air Force conducted overnight strikes in the Baalbek area of northeastern Lebanon, targeting a Hezbollah manufacturing plant for guided munitions and drones.

Sky Dew is a critical component of Israel’s aerial defense system, deployed at high altitudes to detect incoming long-range missiles, cruise missiles, and drones. Although the system has been in use for approximately two years, it is not yet fully operational and has encountered significant setbacks during its deployment.

Meanwhile, sirens continued to sound on Thursday morning in the Galilee and Golan Heights regions after an earlier 60-rocket barrage fired by Hezbollah at Mount Meron. As a precautionary measure, Israeli hotels hosting displaced residents from the north have been instructed to prepare for extended stays until at least the end of 2024, according to the report.

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