Hezbollah has once again escalated tensions in the region by publishing aerial footage of Israeli sites in northern Israel.

The nine-minute video, captured by a Hezbollah drone that infiltrated Israeli airspace before returning to Lebanon, exposes a wide array of potential targets. These include military bases and security facilities scattered across the region, as well as staging grounds for IDF soldiers in the Galilee and Hermon areas.

Hezbollah’s propaganda stunt also reveals listening sites used by Israeli intelligence along the Lebanese border and exposes the locations of Israel’s Iron Dome defensive batteries.

It is unknown at this time when the footage was taken and the IDF has yet to comment on the matter. However, there is little question Hezbollah is taunting Israel as it did 10 weeks ago when the terror organization released similar footage showing sensitive locations in Israel.

The first time around, Hezbollah’s drone aerial footage captured residential areas in Israel’s north, including shopping malls, high-rises, and vehicles. It exposed sensitive locations like an IDF military base and Iron Dome batteries, missile storage facilities, and radar installations housed at weapons manufacturer Rafael. The video also showed Israeli navy ships, oil depots, and a combat diving unit headquartered at Haifa’s port.

With nearly 5,000 rockets fired against Israel by Hezbollah since October 7, these propaganda videos only serve to push Israel further into launching a full-scale war to uproot the existential threat Iran’s favorite terror proxy poses.

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