A shocking new report reveals that Lebanon’s main civilian airport has become a transit hub for funneling weapons to Hezbollah.

Whistleblowers from inside Beirut’s Rafic Hariri International Airport tells The Telegraph that a surge in “unusually big boxes”are being removed off of direct flights from Iran. The deadly Iranian arms being stockpiled at the airport allegedly include Fateh-110 short-range missiles, Falaq unguided artillery rockets, anti-tank guided munitions, and RDX explosives.

Another insider alleges that Hezbollah’s chief of security operations, Wafiq Safa, has become a conspicuous figure at the airport supervising the illicit arms shipments while customs officials look the other way. Some staffers have even boasted of receiving bribes in the form of luxury cars and electronics in exchange for their complicity.

Hezbollah’s complete disregard for civilian safety is grimly reminiscent of how the terrorist group weaponized the Port of Beirut into an Iranian weapons depot, leading to the catastrophic 2020 explosion.

“The area all around the airport is controlled by Hezbollah so many people are concerned about passage through the airport of Beirut, which is why many Gulf countries have at times imposed bans on their citizens travelling there,” former deputy prime minister Ghassan Hasbani tells the Telegraph.

“Weapons being transported from Iran to Hezbollah across border entry points or even weapon components, endanger both the Lebanese population and the non-Lebanese traveling through and living in the country.”

Human rights advocates argue that these unsettling leaks from Beirut’s airport provide compelling evidence that the Lebanese state exists only in name, having long ago succumbed to Hezbollah’s relentless pursuit of Israel’s destruction at any cost.

    Jonathan Finkelstein June 24, 2024 7:18 pm

    So far, it’s all circumstantial. Get real evidence and if it proves true, give an ultimatum. Stop it, or lose it.

    Kadeidra Nicholoff June 25, 2024 1:59 pm

    Kadeidra Nicholoff

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