House Speaker Mike Johnson has unleashed a torrent of criticism over the White House’s inability to secure a release for the remaining hostages being held by Hamas.

“I write today to express grave concern that your administration is not taking sufficient steps to ensure the release of American hostages who are detained by Hamas terrorists in Gaza,” Johnson wrote.

“It has been 8 months since Iranian-backed terrorists invaded Israel and murdered over 1,200 Israelis, took 235 people—including American citizens—hostage, and committed acts of rape and other horrific atrocities that are clear violations of international law and human rights.”

Johnson pulls no punches outlining how President Joe Biden’s incompetency has enabled a deteriorating hostage situation that has left American families feeling betrayed by a president.

“Instead of focusing on bringing home the Americans and Israelis held hostage, your administration has spent months pressuring and attempting to micromanage Israel,” he wrote.

“The undermining of Israel, especially as it is fighting a war for its survival from Iranian-backed groups on multiple fronts, is unconscionable, unacceptable, and contradicts your claim to have an ‘ironclad’ commitment to Israel’s security. It is long past time your administration instead put maximum pressure on Hamas and its enablers.”

Washington insiders argue that Johnson’s appeal marks a dramatic escalation over Biden’s already floundering credibility. Despite vows to be a stalwart ally of the Jewish state after Hamas butchered nearly 1,200 innocents and took 250 people hostage, Biden has paused arms shipments to its closest ally and allowed the UN to censure Israel over its war in Gaza.

    Henry Brandon June 27, 2024 6:56 pm


    Jan Yard June 28, 2024 8:13 am

    At last a voice can be heard that is speaking what Europe, the Middle East, Great Britain and The Antipodes has known for months

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