Iran’s terror proxy has once again disrupted global shipping lanes in an effort to choke Israel’s economy.

In a televised statement aired by al-Masirah TV, Houthi spokesman Yahya Sarea claimed responsibility for targeting three ships on Wednesday in the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden with ties to Israel and the United States.

This time around the Houthis launched a multi-pronged assault on the vessels, employing an arsenal of ballistic missiles as well as suicide drones. The targeted ships included the US-owned Maersk Sentosa, the Israeli-owned MSC Patnaree, and the Marthopolis, which was attacked due to its ties to a company that had previously entered an Israeli port.

“The three operations achieved their goals successfully and the hits were direct and accurate,” Sarea said. “Our operations will not stop until the Israeli aggression and siege on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip stop.”

Regrettably, the Houthis’ persistent efforts to sow chaos along the Red Sea’s shipping lanes represent just another page in the Iranian regime’s protracted effort to secure control over vital chokepoints for global oil shipments. Just last week, the Iranian-backed terror proxy claimed responsibility for striking four vessels in the Red Sea belonging to the US and Israel.

Unhampered by the airstrikes launched against Houthi terror sites by the US and Britain since January, the terrorist group has relentlessly persisted in fulfilling Iran’s malicious mandates.

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